Dr Margaret Kay

Dr Margaret Kay discusses why it is important to focus on the health and health system literacy, the significance of community collaboration and engagement, and the role of professional leadership in improving health outcomes for migrant and refugee communities.


Chiedza Malunga

Hear Chiedza Malunga discuss the importance of culturally responsive care and how effective communication and organisational leadership are essential to improving health outcomes for the community.


Andrea Creado

Andrea Creado explains barriers to access health services for migrant and refugee women, the importance of connecting women with appropriate health care services and the necessity of ensuring culturally responsive approaches in health care.


Dr Ruth De Souza

Dr Ruth De Souza discusses the social determinants of health, the need for relevant and accessible communications to effectively engage with migrant and refugee communities, the value of a strength-based approach in the health care of migrant and refugee women, and the importance of professional culture and leadership in providing culturally responsive care.


Assoc Prof Jacqueline Boyle

Associate Professor Jacqueline Boyle discusses the necessity of ensuring all health services are culturally responsive, engaging with migrant and refugee women to enable their voices and views to be incorporated in health care, research and policy, and finally the importance of the Migrant and Refugee Women’s Health Partnership’s work.


Maria Dimopoulous

Maria Dimopoulos outlines the health issues which migrant and refugee women experience, in particular recognising the direct link between gender-based violence and health impacts.


Dr Mitchell Smith

Dr Mitchell Smith outlines the importance of professional leadership in improving health outcomes for migrant and refugee women and discusses the collective impact of the work undertaken by the Migrant and Refugee Women’s Health Partnership.



Guide for clinicians working with interpreters in healthcare settings: Considerations for interpreters working in health

Joint webinar by Migrant and Refugee Health Partnership and Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators

Presenters: Associate Professor Christine Phillips and Gordana Vasic

Facilitator: Anna Kenny