Preventive Health

With a strong focus on health prevention, the Partnership draws on the health expertise of its Council and networks in multicultural communities to reduce health inequities through education, capacity building activities and resource development. Improving the cultural responsiveness of the health system and workforce is fundamental to migrant and refugee populations accessing and engaging in preventive health. At the same time, enhancing health literacy and health-promoting behavior among migrant and refugee populations is critical.

Addressing inequities in research with migrant and refugee communities is another priority for improving access to health services, understanding lived experiences of health, identifying baseline health needs, and identifying gaps in service delivery and public health interventions.

Supporting the COVID-19 Vaccination Program rollout to multicultural communities

The Partnership, through its auspicing body SPG, worked with the Department of Health to support the COVID-19 Vaccination Program rollout to migrant and refugee communities. Consultation and information sessions with settlement service providers and migrant and refugee women were conducted to understand the key issues and concerns relating to the rollout. This process produced strategies and recommendations to effectively communicate with multicultural communities and increase COVID-19 vaccine access.