Ethical Conduct of Research

Guidelines for the Ethical Conduct of Research among People from Migrant, Refugee and Refugee-like Backgrounds

Migrant and Refugee Health Partnership is laying the groundwork for the development of guidelines for the ethical conduct of research among migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. 

Research with migrant and refugee communities should be inclusive, culturally responsive, trauma-informed and accessible.

There is a growing consensus across communities, health and social care practitioners and researchers in Australia that there is an acute need for specific ethical guidelines for research in this area. There is limited national guidance to ensure that conduct of research involving migrant and refugee communities does not exacerbate existing vulnerabilities and does not increase systemic inequity. 

Guidelines offer the opportunity for transformative, positive impact on the practices of human research ethics committees and research in and with migrant and refugee communities in Australia.

Contact us if you have interests in this area and would like to be engaged in this process.