The purpose of the Partnership

is to develop and promote strategies to enhance health access, experience and outcomes for migrant and refugee community.

To achieve this, we support sharing of good practice and collaboration among clinicians, community, health care services, and government agencies.

We provide focus both on the capacity of clinicians and health service organisations to provide culturally responsive care, as well as on the capacity of migrant and refugee communities to understand their health and navigate the healthcare system.

The Partnership’s objectives include:

  • Supporting the implementation of the Competency Standards Framework for Clinicians Culturally responsive clinical practice: Working with people from migrant and refugee backgrounds and the Guide for Clinicians Working with Interpreters in Healthcare Settings
  • Supporting clinicians and health service organisations in providing culturally responsive care through resources
  • Promoting cultural considerations in the context of migrant and refugee communities in the design and delivery of health services
  • Identifying strategic opportunities for enhancing health and health system literacy in migrant and refugee communities;
  • Informing broader health and social policy debate and contributing to evidence development and research